Hello there!

Thanks so much for stopping by. So, you fancy working together, yeah? Cool! 

I'm always up for creative collaborations from skill swapping to joint projects, and not only that but I can help you with writing and blogging, proof reading and editing, photography, photo styling and photo editing too. 

I guess you'll be wanting to hear about my skills but rather than send you my CV because boooooring and hey, you can totally find that on LinkedIn if you fancy a look see, you can either choose to have my skills, knowledge and experience presented to you in the form of a poem, a colourful graphic or you can drop me a line to request my sparkly media kit. So, which is it to be?

I'm always partial to a bit of poetry!

Colourful graphic, please!

I'd like to email you and request your sparkly media kit, please!

None of the above because I much prefer to email you about an idea I had!