Hello and welcome to #ColourMyEveryDay, the Instagram challenge to help you discover and appreciate colour every day.

But what is it?

It's an Instagram challenge to help you discover and appreciate colour everyday, from outside your home to on your desk to in your kitchen cupboard. It's also a way to share your photos with colour lovers and feel a part of a positive Instagram community who totally get you.

Where did the idea come from?

Earlier this year I was looking for an Instagram challenge, which purely focused on exploring the topic of Colour. I looked everywhere but could I find anything? Nope, nothing!

A seed then formed in my head. Why don't I create my own challenge! It wouldn't matter if I were the only one to take part but at least I could do the challenge I'd dreamed of.

Fast forward a few weeks in spring 2017 and not only had I created a month long list of daily prompts, a graphic advertising it but Instagram users started getting excited about it too, like really excited about it and I suddenly realised, people were wanting the challenge as much as I was!

The #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram Challenge ran throughout June 2017 and it was the most amazing experience ever. Instagram users from across the world joined in, sharing their photos, finding new accounts to follow, expanding their photography and colour horizons, inspiring each other along the way and helping to build a friendly, happy, colourful community. The hashtag reached over 12k and was a hugely colourful and positive feed! 

I was truly shocked at the reaction it received, especially having never run an Instagram challenge before. In fact, I became so inspired by everyone taking part and being such a wonderful community of encouraging, happy people that  I decided to challenge myself further and create my first ever enamel pin design. The pin celebrates all those wonderful people who contacted me to say how #ColourMyEveryDay really helped them try something new, practice their photography skills and see colour in places they wouldn't normally have looked. Who would have thought that my hunt for a colour themed Instagram challenge would have lead me on such a happy journey!

Will it be running again?

It sure will! In fact, not only will I be running it again in June 2018 but I will also be running week long seasonal challenges to allow us all to appreciate the different colours that appear throughout the seasons. The Autumn challenge starts on Sunday 22nd October. 


How to get involved

Starting on Sunday 22nd October, simply take a photo of something related to the first prompt (see the pic below for the daily prompts) and share it on Instagram, adding the #ColourMyEveryDay hashtag to your picture. To keep the friendly, community vibe going, head to the #ColourMyEveryDay hashtag feed on Instagram and like and comment on other people's photos too and share the love!

At the end of the day, I will choose four photos that have stood out to me for that day's prompt and will share them on my Instagram page. Make sure you're following me so that you can see these!

I'm unsure what to photograph?

If you're not sure what to take a photograph of for a particular prompt, I always say, go with the first thing that springs to mind. So, if 'cosy' represents your favourite, autumn scarf, take a snap of that. You could even ask your friends and family what the word, cosy, means to them to give you more ideas. Alternatively, click on my Pinterest Boards below for further inspiration:

Autumn favourite



From the wardrobe



Moodboard or flatlay


Are there other hashtags I can use?

There certainly are and you can add as many additional hashtags as you like. I tend to choose hashtags that suit the photo and put more then ten, otherwise it can seem a bit spammy.

Here are some ideas for extra hashtags you can add to your Instagram posts for the daily prompts:

#autumnfavourites #autumncolours #cosyautumn #seasonalfood #autumnrecipe #fromthewardrobe #autumnoutfits #crunchyleaves #autumnleaves #spicyfood #spicycolours #autumnmoodboards #autumnflatlay #colourfulflatlays #colourseeker #colourhunter #colourpopme #abmcolourfullife #acolourstory #mycolourfullife #colorcolourlover #ihavethisthingwithcolour #colourmyworld

If you have any other questions about the challenge, then drop me a line and I'll try my very best to help. Now go grab your camera or phone, get snapping and enjoy the challenge! I can't wait to see all your fab photos!


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