Hello and welcome to #ColourMyEveryDay, the Instagram challenge to help you discover and celebrate colour every day.


But what actually is it?

It's an Instagram challenge to help you discover and celebrate colour every day, from inside your home to the back of your wardrobe, out in your neighbourhood and beyond. It's also a way to share your photos with fellow colour lovers and feel part of a positive Instagram community. Sounding good so far?

Where did the idea come from?

In early spring 2017, I was looking for an Instagram challenge purely focused on exploring the topic of colour. I looked everywhere but could I find anything? Nope, nothing!

It was right at that moment (maybe not exactly at that moment but close enough) an idea grew in my head. Ping, went the lightbulb! Why don't I create my own challenge. It wouldn't matter if I were the only one to take part, I could still do the challenge I'd dreamed of.

Fast forward a few weeks and not only had I created a month long list of daily prompts, a promo graphic, but Instagram users started getting excited about it too, like really excited. I suddenly realised the Insta world wanted the challenge as much as I did. Let’s just say I may have danced excitedly around the living room that day. My dream had gone a little further than I’d imagine. Happy times.

The #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram challenge ran throughout June 2017 and it was the most amazing experience. Instagram users from across the world joined in, sharing their photos, finding new colour lovers to follow, expanding their photography skills and colour horizons, inspiring each other along the way, and helping to build a friendly, colourful community. The hashtag reached over 13k within a week and was a hugely bright and positive feed.

I was truly shocked at this reaction, especially having never run an Instagram challenge or anything like it before. In fact, I became so inspired by the number of people taking part and the wonderful community of encouraging, happy people, I decided to challenge myself further and create my first ever colour related enamel pin. The pin is a celebration of all those wonderful people who contacted me to say how #ColourMyEveryDay really helped them try something new, hone their photography skills and see colour in places they wouldn't normally have looked. Who would have thought that my hunt for a colour themed Instagram challenge would have lead me on such a wonderful journey.

Will it be running again?

It sure will!

In fact, it has now run six times, with the latest week long challenge running from the 27th January - 2nd February attracting the biggest number of people to date. It has even been featured on the Mollie Makes Blog and is now one of the top 15 hashtags to live your life in full colour.

And I’m very happy to say that the next challenge starts very soon. Keep an on Instagram when I’ll be sharing details on Friday 19th July.


How to get involved

When the next challenge begins, simply take a photo of something related to the first prompt and share it on Instagram, adding the #ColourMyEveryDay hashtag to your picture. To be a part of the friendly, community vibe, head to the #ColourMyEveryDay hashtag feed to like and comment on other people's photos and really share the love.

At the end of each day, I will share four photos from the feed that have caught my eye for that day's prompt. Make sure you're following me so that you can see if you've been featured.



I'm unsure what to photograph?

If you're not sure what to photograph for a particular prompt, you could go with the first thing that springs to mind. So, if 'outdoors' makes you think of a field of flowers or a stunning view, take a photo of that. You could even ask your friends and family what the prompts mean to them to give you more ideas. 

You could also think outside the box. Perhaps look at those inanimate objects on a shelf and the bold colours of food tins, or the beautiful buildings in your local town, graffiti on a wall, brightly coloured food, even a vibrant green basil plant contrasted against the tiles in your kitchen or a photo looking down at your colourful shoes. Really, anything goes, so just have fun with the prompts.

Here are some more ideas to spark the old imagination:

1. Recommend a colour lover: Share that someone you know who is a complete and utter colour addict. You could say why they inspire you or how their love of colour makes you feel. Really share the love with this prompt.

2. Outdoors: this is a wonderful way to celebrate where you live, a favourite place or those beautiful summer colours. You could share your colourful garden, something your neighbourhood is known for or reminisce with a holiday snap.

3. Food: there are so many vibrants colours in the food world, it’s not wonder we get inspired to cook (and eat). You could choose some bright veg, a market stall full of fruit or a rainbow inspired meal.

4. Contrast: you could share the gorgeous colour combinations on a vintage biscuit tin, some funky looking wallpaper or even the contrasting colour of a windowpane against a red brick house. Let your imagination go wild!

5. Object: you could choose absolutely anything for this from a lovely print on your living room wall to a a colourful kitchen utensil, some handmade pottery or some random object you spotted out and about.Place: this is a wonderful way to celebrate where you live or a place you’ve travelled to. You could share a favourite building, maybe something that your neighbourhood is known for or you could reminisce with a holiday snap.


6. From where I stand: ooh, now this is a fun one as there’s so much potential! For starters, you could be indoors or outdoors, home or work, day off or on holiday, or simply walking by somewhere inspiring on your lunch break. It’s really whatever you can see that you just have to share; enjoy this prompt!

7. Favourite: surely this is an excuse to dress up in your favourite outfit for the day or maybe treat yourself to something new . Alternatively, you could take a photo of your favourite colourful place, piece of art, album cover, building, shoes, person…the list is endless!

Are there any other hashtags I can use?

There certainly are and you can add as many extra hashtags as you like. I tend to choose around ten hashtags that suit the photo. Quick tip: if the hashtag doesn't go with the photo, then people are less likely to click on it and therefore not discover you and your amazing photos!

Here are some ideas for extra hashtags you could add to your Instagram posts for the daily prompts. 

#colourseekers #colourhunters #colourpopme #abmcolourfullife #acolourstory #mycolourfullife #colorcolourlover #ihavethisthingwithcolour #colourmyworld #colourfulflatlays #colorcolourseekers #favouritecolourpink #fromwhereistand #colourfulplace #colourcombination #colourmehappy #contrastcolours #complimentarycolours #colourcrush #ilovecolour #colourfulfood

If you have any other thoughts or questions about the challenge, then do drop me a line and I'll try my very best to help. Happy #ColourMyEveryDay!


In the next challenge you will get the chance to enter an exciting colour themed competition! Stay tuned for more details coming oh so soon. Yippee!