What's on the jukebox, Jo?

colourful crafty mess

Hello and happy Friday! Have you had a good week? Did you do something lovely?

On top of lots of fab shop orders, I've been busy launching and finishing new designs for the shop and getting ready for the ACEArts Makers Market on the 18th November. It's not left me much time for anything else if I'm honest but I can still find five happy moments in all of that...

Happy #1 / Last weekend in London with my old gang and bestie was just the tonic! Cor blimey I miss them!

Happy #2 / Going to bed dreaming up a new design idea and actually figuring out how I would sew it.

Happy #3 / Proper good chats with friends and an old university friend messaging me out the blue with the most loveliest message that completely made my day and we're now arranging to meet up, yay!

Happy #4 / Laughing so hysterically that I didn't actually make a sound for the first few minutes before the laugher tears started rolling down my cheeks.

Happy #5 / Launching lots of new goodies in my shop and getting excited to share more.

And in true Friday style, here are five songs to get the weekend kick started!

Don't talk to me about love by Altered Images

Pure Shores by All Saints

Blue Pedro by Bullion

Ceremony by New Order

Low Rider by War

Have a great weekend my lovelies and don't forget that the 10% shop discount code expires at midnight. So, if you've got your eye on something go grab it while you can! Discount code is LEAVES.

Happy Friday!