What's on the jukebox, Jo?

rainbow crayons

Hey, happy Friday! Have you had a good week? What fun plans do you have this weekend? I'm off to a Christmas jumper party tonight but I'm going in a festive t-shirt. Nothing like breaking the rules, right? ;) Really looking forward to it as the week has been CRAZY busy with lots of orders flying out and some great freelance work too, yay! I can't believe that the last day I'm accepting Christmas orders is on Tuesday 19th December. How did that come around so quickly? Pure madness. This year has totally flown by!

But before we start looking back at the year or, indeed, forward to 2018, here are my five happy moments from the week and some music to kick start the weekend!

Happy #1 / Received the most gorgeous Etsy reviews of two new designs, wahooooo!

Happy #2 / Some very, very, very good post arrived via snail mail.

Happy #3 / Shared my news over on Insta and awwwwwww, had the most lovely messages. What a wonderful, supportive, positive community Instagram is!

Happy #4 / Felt good channelling Mad Men vibes with my freelance work, ha ha! And walking into the house to find the radio playing, The Bare Necessities.

Happy #5 / Finally getting to wear my inappropriate Christmas t-shirt to said party ;)

The Bare Necessities by Phil Harris & Bruce Reitherman

Zat You Santa Claus? by Louis Armstrong

Santa Baby! by Eartha Kit

Nothing From Nothing by Billy Preston

Happy weekend everyone, have a fab one!