What's on the jukebox, Jo?

stationery flat lay styling

Howdy, happy Friday! Have you had a good week? Exciting plans for the weekend? I hope so!

This week I've been like a little tweety bird, darting from one job to the next. When I work like this I always feel like I get zero tasks ticked off the to-do list but in reality, I've chipped away at lots of different jobs and there will be that crescendo moment when it all comes together. It will, right? 

But that's not to say my week has been bad, far from it. This week's been great for many lovely reasons...

Happy #1 / Watching the most incredible starling murmurations with super lovely friends, one of whom had the best unicorn hat on. Who said birdwatching needed to be done in camouflage?

Happy #2 / My first calligraphy class at the wonderful, For Every Cloud. I think this could be the beginning of a new creative addiction.

Happy #3 / Arrival of shiny new pin brooches! They will, hopefully, be in the shop next week, yay!

Happy #4 / Changing my working day around and going for a big walk in the middle of the day when the winter sunshine was at its best. Best decision ever! 

Happy #5 / Sharing the first details of the next #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram Challenge and receiving so much love, support and excitement for it, thank youuuuuuu!

What have been your happy moments from the week? It's lovely writing them down, puts you in a good mood for the weekend. Now that you're feeling good (because that worked, right?), here are some songs to make you feel extra happy and because on Fridays you should dance.

House of Bamboo by Andy Williams

On A Ragga Tip by SL2

Alphabet Aerobics by Blackalicious

Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson

You Give A Little Love by Paul Williams (Bugsy Malone version)

I hope you have lovely things planned this weekend! Have a super duper one!