What's on the jukebox, Jo?

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This week the theme of work, business and life has mostly been, plate spinning and building up to an almighty cold and virus. Thank you body, thank you, on a Friday as well. I had nice plans this weekend. Me-thinks too much plate spinning is the cause. So, having worked on a rather wonderful wedding order today (now all packed up and ready to send), I'm planning to go and put my pyjamas on (rock 'n roll!), put a fire in and curl up by it like a poorly puppy. But before I collapse (melodramatic, me?) and because I like to end the working week on a positive note, as usual I'm going to write down the good things that happened and share a bit of music with you too.

Ok, so positive things this week:

Happy #1 /  Received a wonderful personalised wedding order from a customer who wrote to tell me how happy she was that I added three more colours in the Love Heart Hanky designbecause she could then choose one of each for her bridesmaids, Mum and Mum in-law. Yay!

Happy #2 /  Found some chocolates under a cushion. They're in a sealed box and I think left over from Christmas. Really, I kid you not. I was delighted, even with my non sweet tooth and immediately opened them and ate three in a row. Nice surprise.

Happy #3 /  Started Onetenzeroseven's #HaveFunBeSilly Instagram challenge and kick started it with Smiley Spoon doing a dance. He's one crazy spoon!

Happy #4 /  Received a custom design request for days of the week hankies, with alternative phrases for someone who refuses to retire. I can't wait to start making them!

Happy #5 /  Won the lottery and jetted off to a remote island....oh,  no wait, that was a dream.

Happy #6 /  Got started on my re-brand with the lovely Cat from Twin Pines:) Trying to not get completely over excited about this project but I already am, ha-ha!

Happy #7 /  Finished this stunning book by Ali Smith called, Autumn. For those who like a little bit politics woven into a beautiful poetic story, with heart-warming characters, then I'd recommend picking up a copy.

Happy #8 /  Discovered this Shoe Shop. I want to buy ALL THE SHOES but when would I wear them? I need a lovely reason to get dressed up.

Happy #9 /  I kickstarted the week with a wonderful surprise gift request for a certain Border Terrier called, Jack. It was posted directly to Jack because he's a super special dog like that. And the week ended with a lovely photo being sent to me of Jack wearing his neckerchief. Doesn't he look so smart! My urge to get a little dog like Jack or Pedro is getting slightly ridiculous now!

Sir Jack Spratticus

So, lots of good stuff! :) And now for a spot of music. 

One track stood out for me this week. It gave me that rush of happiness and high emotion that only music can do. I heard it on my favourite station, 6 Music and well, you just have to listen to it. It's available on Spotify and looks like you can download it too:

- Sekstur from Vendsyssel; The Peat Dance by Trad. & Danish String Quartet

Look it up and listen, it's glorious!

Now, I'm off to collapse. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!