What's on the jukebox, Jo?

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Whoop it's Friday! How has your week been my lovelies? Any highlights? I nearly melted this week as the temperature went crazy in Somerset! Plan for me this weekend is to get some product photography done and potter around locally as I don't want to get caught up in the Glastonbury traffic. Talking of which I'm definitely going to be watching as much of it as possible from the comfort of my sofa, ha-ha! Are you? I've already heard some fab stuff on the radio, which makes me wish I was there - I do this every year! Maybe after the fallow year I'll consider going again; it's been well over ten years!

Anyhow, enough rambling from me. For those of you who are new to my blog, every Friday I like to think of five happy things that happened as a way of acknowledging good things and not focusing on negative stuff. I find it's a lovely way to end the week and following my five happy things, I share some songs that I've been enjoying listening to or have heard on the radio this week. Talking of focusing on happy things, I wrote a blog post all about self care, which you can read hereif it's take your fancy.

Here are my five happy things...

Happy thing #1 / The ETA on my first pin design is now on the wall planner! Eeeeek, I'm SO EXCITED! 

Happy thing #2 / I finished 4 new designs, which involves a company laser cutting them for me, woooo!

Happy thing #3 / Had a brilliant time meeting more new creatives at the monthly Somerset Etsy Team meet up.

Happy thing #4 / Went on a really lovely walk with Mum where we tried to figure out what was growing in the fields - wheat, oats or barley. We're still not sure. We also met a very friendly dog called Rosie, who excitedly ran up to us barking, chased her tail and then promptly sat down waiting to be stroked :)

Happy thing #5 / My mates invited me to a posh boating do. Never been to one before, so I'm super excited!

And here are five songs...

Moptop by Sleaford Mods

Just like the weather by Nolan Chance

I Promise by Radiohead

Sea Hearts by Honeyblood

Touch Sensitive by The Fall

Have a great weekend everyone!