What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Adventures and Tea Parties studio

Man what a week! How's it been for you? It's been non stop stitching here at Adventures & Tea Parties HQ as I've raced towards the finishing line to get my Valentine's Day designs completed. Just a tiny bit of embroidery to do tonight, then I'm ready to start photographing them all and hopefully adding them to my online shops by next weekend. Fingers and toes crossed!

As well as designing and making every day, I've been sending out some early Valentine's Day orders for the

Love Birds

and the

Arrow & Heart Hankies

, doing a whole load of research on technological gadgets for the design part of my business and pushing forward with my goal of creating a website and my very own online shop. Feels good to be edging a little closer to completing some big goals. Still a way to go but hey, baby steps are always best I reckon.

There have been a few late nights this week too; working in front of the tv or listening to playlists on Spotify as I stitch. Something I've been glued to is the new Amercian drama, Quarry. Have you seen it? It's very dark but bloomin' good and oh man, the music is incredible! So, this week has involved a fair bit of googling of tracks from the series and playing them on repeat. These numbers got played ALOT. Pop them on and have a listen, they're really rather good.

Wade in the Water by Soul Stirrers

Take It Off and Put It On Me by Tank and the Bangas

You don't miss your water by Otis Reading

Don't lie to me by Big Star

For the good time by Al Green

Happy Friday everyone, have a lovely weekend!