What's on the jukebox, Jo?

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I totally skipped a "jukebox, Jo" post last Friday because I had only just moved house again for the second time this year (the house is now cardboard city) and also, I was attending a rather wonderful workshop run by the lovely Kate of A Playful Day

The workshop was held at the stunning Forge in Bristol and looked at the art of telling your visual story online. It was a fascinating morning listening and chatting with Kate about balance and structure, audience, finding your voice, planning, editing and assessing, and social media. Not only did I learn lots, come away feeling inspired and excited but I also met a wonderful bunch of bloggers, makers and creative business owners. It was good to leave the cardboard boxes behind and go learn and be with creative types. 

Afterwards I got totally sidetracked on my way back to the station and ended up in Blaze, a gorgeous maker co-op, gallery and shop. I could have bought EVERYTHING but instead I settled for a few lovely Christmas presents (so can't share, in case a certain person is looking, ha-ha!) and this lovely notebook by Pirrip Press, who are just a few shops along from Blaze. A girl can never have too many notebooks. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

The weekend followed with none stop unpacking, cleaning and flattening cardboard boxes; oh and getting my studio in shape for all those lovely shop orders, which I've been making and sending out this week. 

While making I've been binging on Blogtacular podcasts. I simply couldn't get enough of them! I think Kate's workshop sparked a need for further inspiration or something but if you haven't checked them out, go give them a listen here. They cover all sorts of fascinating topics on blogging, creativity, life and more. I'm hooked!

So there's been a lot less music in the studio this week. Although, that's not completely true. 

Two live sessions on 6Music left my spine tingling, my foot tapping and my heart singing. First was Slow Club with that song, In Waves, which leaves me in tears every time! And on Thursday, Seasick Steve's live session and interview made me want to laugh, cry, dance and sing. Gorgeous.

As well as singing (or crying as the case may be) along to interviews and music, I've been sharing my colourful snaps on Instagram and all my BRAND NEW ACCESSORIES, woohoo! Don't forget to favourite my Etsy shop so that you can see all my new designs and do come say hi on Twitterand tell me what you're up to this weekend!