Personalised Handkerchiefs

Personalised wedding hanky by Adventures and Tea Parties

I'm working on a little exercise right now as part of my rebrand and I've suddenly realised I've not been sharing the inspiration behind my designs and ultimately my business, so that's about to change, kick starting with one of my most popular accessories the  Personalised Heart & Arrow Handkerchief ....

I strongly believe in cherishing those nearest and dearest to you, especially your other half. It's important to tell them you absolutely flipping love them and couldn't imagine life without them, you'd fight for them, they're everything to you and more. The Heart & Arrow was designed with exactly that in mind and as handkerchiefs are items held near your side, the two are a perfect match. A token of love with personalised embroidery that only means something to you and that person who means the world to you.