The new shop range is here, ta-da!


Woohoo! Commence the drum roll, sausage roll, jam roly poly pudding and pie, for the big new shop range is here, ta-da!

Inspired by my love and daily exploration of colour and creativity, the new range celebrates just that. By mixing, combining, wearing and creating with colours, we can go from zero to hundred on the happy thermometer in a matter of seconds. It can make us skip and dance throughout the day with a gigantic smile on our face. And by mixing up those colours or trying a colour that feels a little bit daring, well, that's a John Travolta street strutting Stayin' Alive moment for sure! 


The colourtastic new range includes 12 one-off block colour pencil cases, bold mix and match jewellery in all the colours of the rainbow, fun pencil hair grips and earrings in 7 colour choices, totally unique rainbow themed pencil necklaces, coasters and stickers, AND bright notebooks and postcards featuring one of my original colour photographs.

It's definitely one for all you colour lovers, creatives, bujo fans, stationery addicts, artists, teachers, list writers, illustrators, makers and those who like jewellery that makes you go, POW! 

To celebrate the new range, I'm offering a super special 15% off all orders over Β£20 and the magic bit, you don't need a coupon code, wahooooo! Head this way to explore the colourtastic new range!

Thanks so much!