Blog Feature: Prettygreentea

Joanna Payne Adventures & Tea Parties

The fabulous Daisy from a Prettygreentea interviewed me recently to find out about my business story. So, if you'd like to know how my business began and what my plans are for 2017, head over


to find out more.

Also, if you love seeing behind the scenes pics, head over to my

Instagram page

to see what I post on my Stories feed. It includes all sorts from what I'm working on, my studio, what I'm doing when I'm not working and videos too, which include fun Boomerang clips and me chatting to you! If you're not sure how to look at the Instagram Stories feed, simply click on my profile photo and you'll see lots more photos but remember, they're only available for 24 hours!

Thanks for reading folks and have a lovely day!