Meet the local artist: Katrina Sophia

This new blog series meets artists and finds out how they work, what inspires them and what the art scene is like in their local area. This month I had the great pleasure of finding out all about the artistic world of someone I greatly admire, Katrina Sophia.

Katrina Sophia

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am an artist, freelance illustrator and creative lifestyle blogger living in Nottingham. I am also crazy about cats and dinosaurs! 

Katrina Sophia

What kind of art do you do?

I paint with various mediums but I use watercolour and fine liner most of all. I like working on small pieces, focusing on colour and shape. 

Katrina Sophia

How do you work and get inspired?

I am heavily inspired by everyday life and natural world. I'd paint anything that caught my eyes at home, or go out to pick up some interesting plants/flowers to bring back home and study. Nature fascinates me. I keep sketchbooks too and often go through old ones for inspiration. 

Katrina Sophia

What do you love about art?

What I love about art is that we paint what is going on in our minds and what inspires us. It is a great form of expression. I believe that art doesn't have to be excellent, or of amazing skills, it is individual and always beautiful because it comes from something deeper. 

Katrina Sophia

What's the art / creative scene like in Nottingham? 

I've only lived in Nottingham for about 8 months but I've already felt a good sense of art scene as well as community. There is Handmade Nottingham, an independant shop that showcases local creative talent and they also host craft markets. You'll see a lot of independent shops and cafes in the city. There are also regular festivals at the heart of Nottingham, Old Market Square. 

If you had to take only one art tool to a desert island, what would you choose and why?

Um, off the top of my head, I'd bring a lino cutter so I can carve wood from the trees, or driftwood. But I'd miss painting so much!

Katrina Sophia

If you could go to an Art Award dinner with any 5 people (dead or alive, real or fictional), who would you choose?

Frida Kahlo, Beatrix Potter, Salvador Dali, Tamara De Lempicka and Tove Jansson!

Thank you so much, Katrina. It's been wonderful hearing all about your artistic world!

If you like the look of Katrina's beautiful work, don't forget to pop on over to her  gorgeous website to see more!