Meet the local artist - Rosie Webb

Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all having a good weekend. I've been on an epic walk today where I spotted loads of beautiful birds; sadly I didn't take my binoculars with me. Next time though, next time. I think I spotted a Yellowhammer and I'm 90% sure I saw a Goldcrest but more on that another time. As well as bird watching and walking, I spent all of Saturday practising my drawing skills (a personal goal if you like) using

this book

I got out from the local library. It's a brilliant book. Really well written, very funny and is perfectly structured for those keen on learning to draw. Talking of drawing, I really should stop rambling on and introduce you to this month's 'Meet the local artist',

Rosie Webb

. I discovered Rosie's work in a gorgeous shop in Bristol called,


. I was instantly drawn (ha-ha, like what I did there?!) to Rosie's work for it's loose, characterful and story-like style, so I just had to find out more....

Rosie Webb

Hi there Rosie, can you tell me and my readers a little bit about yourself?

I am an Illustrator from Bristol. I lived in London for 10 years working as a freelance illustrator for magazines such as Red, Jamie oliver and Stella magazine and am now back in Bristol and loving every minute. I have a four year old daughter and two step sons aged 7 and 10.

Rosie Webb Illustrations - Hippo in Poncho

What kind of art do you do? 

Loose humourous watercolours often featuring anthropomorphized animals in some form of human attire. I have self published two children's books and sell limited edition prints and cards that seem to appeal to all ages. 

The Cockatoo's Shoes by Rosie Webb

How do you work and get inspired? 

My kids inspire me no end. I also throw ideas around with gallery owners such as Adrian Flower at Studio 73 in Brixton and Sarah Thorpe in Room 212 Bristol. I regularly visit museums such as the Natural History Museum in London and sometimes ideas come to me on my bike when I see something that catches my eye or when I'm washing up!

I work in my studio in the middle of Bristol and need to set myself deadlines. Sometimes I have to paint an idea over and over again before I get it right and sometimes it comes very easily. I never use pencil, just paint straight onto paper... always at least a bit of wet on wet.

Rosie Webb's illustrations - Bear in Underwear

What do you love about art?

All kinds of art, be it visual or music or literary allow us to escape, find a voice for feelings we can't express or understand, empathise and offer an alternative to the mundane. I don't think anyone can live without art.

Rosie Webb's illustrations - Dr Budgie

What's the creative scene like in Bristol? 

It's lovely. I am a member of Blaze Studio at 84 Colston street, BS1.  We run a shop and gallery as a co-operative and offer each other help and support. I feel that there is more room to be creative and explore different ideas in Bristol than London due to the fact that the rent and cost of living is lower so there is less of a panic over money. People living here know there is a lot of talent on their doorstep and like to buy art from local people. We all know each other so there is a real sense of belonging. The craft markets, such as 'The Frome Independent' are a good source of income but also great social events where you see some of the same people each month and the kids are growing up being regularly involved in.

Rosie Webb's illustrations - Fox in Socks

If you had to take only one art tool to a desert island, what would you choose and why?

Watercolour paint. I love this medium and feel there is always more to explore and learn. I'm sure I could find something to paint on and with.

If you could go to an Art Award dinner with any 5 people (dead or alive, real or fictional), who would you choose? 

My old friend Martin because we haven't had a night out for a long time plus Andy Warhol, Beatrix Potter, Donald Robertson (a very current and prolific living American illustrator, father of 5 and force of Nature) and Frida Kahlo.

Thank you so much Rosie, it's been wonderful hearing all about your creative world!

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