Just A Card Campaign

Just A Card Campaign

I'm sharing this Just A Card campaign today because as a small business owner this rings true with me everyday I get up and work my socks off to bring new, refreshing and unique designs that you can't get from those big chain stores. This quote in particular shared on Just A Card brings both tears to my eyes and makes me mad that this happens:

“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open.”

It's true. If all of us put our money where our mouth is and just bought something from all those incredible independent, small businesses and galleries out there, then not only would those businesses survive but we could all continue to live in an inspiring world full of one off inspiring drawings / beautiful creations / stunning works of art and prints / totally unique personalised gifts / rib tickling hand drawn cards / gorgeous handmade accessories and jewellery / hand thrown plates, bowls and mugs / pretty knitted hats and scarves....the list goes on. 

Don't let those jaw dropping, one off creations, which make you smile and your heart burst with admiration and joy disappear. Go and support them. First stop, go and sign and share the Just A Card campaign. It's really easy to do but if you're unsure how to sign, then check out Kate Marsden's step-by-step guide. Second stop, all those indie businesses you follow and whose designs you heart on a daily basis, go and pop something of theirs in your basket, whether it's online or in your favourite bricks and mortar shop or gallery. Let's keep this world a happy, inspiring place.

Thanks folks!