How to look after your craft scissors

Oil them regularly

Just like your sewing machine, you need to keep those scissors happy by adding a drop of oil. Add a drop of sewing machine or scissor oil at the front and back of the screw. Open and close the scissors until the blades open smoothly, adding more oil if necessary.

Keep them clean

Lint can really build up on scissors, so remember to wipe them down with a dry cloth regularly. Keeping them clean helps them work like scissors should do. 

Avoid water

Scissors are not the best of friends with the water and steam an iron produces, so to avoid any damage keep them away from each other. They don't need to be in separate rooms, just don't let them hang out together on the ironing board and all will be well.

Label sewing and craft scissors

Ok, so first thing first: DO NOT CUT PAPER WITH SEWING SCISSORS! Why? Well, quite simply sewing scissors blunt by cutting paper and you need to keep them sharp, so that you can cut fabric accurately. In order to avoid family members borrowing your scissors, keep your sewing scissors out of reach or label them, so that you and any eager craft assistants know which ones they can use.

Sharpen them

If it's not possible to get your scissors sharpened by a professional, then fold a piece of tinfoil over four times and cut through it several times until the blades are sharp again. This works the same for a rotary cutter too.