Guest Post - Valentine's Day Brooch Tutorial

Today the fabulous Samantha from Crafternoon Tea is sharing this wonderful Valentine's Day Brooch tutorial. Take it away Samantha!

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show a little handmade love. This cute little brooch can be made in a few hours (or an evening) and makes a lovely gift for February 14th.  If you fancy making a stash, they are lovely for girlie get togethers (thinking hen party here) or for Mother’s Day (your Mum, Aunty, Grandma).

This self draft brooch uses just one skein of your favourite embroidery thread and just one stitch, satin stitch (that’s the long and short one). You will need the following items to get started.


- one piece of cotton fabric measuring 10 cm x 10cm

- one piece of felt measuring 5cm x 5cm

- one piece of tabletop protector measuring 10cm x 10cm

- a skein of your favourite pink embroidery thread /floss 

- a brooch and back

- 5 pretty vintage pearls or similar

- to self draft you will need a lid from your hairspray or similar size lid (e.g. wax polish)

- small embroidery hoop

- sewing box essentials

- pencil and paper

To get started you need to self draft your easy pattern. Take your paper and draw around the hairspray lid twice. Cut both out, one is your brooch template and the other is your heart template. Fold the second in two and draw half a heart on it then cut out and open up. You have created your own bespoke heart. 

Trace around your piece of fabric 2cm larger than the template (for turnings) and pop the fabric in your hoop. Trace around the circle to the pattern on your table protector and cut it out. This is the brooch backing.

Trace around your heart in the centre of the brooch. Then it’s time to get stitching. Strand down your thread to 3 strands and using 20cm at a time simply colour in your heart with thread with long and short stitches. This will take about an hour.

Once stitched, cut out your heart and cover your table protector circle using small pleats and stitching into the foam of the table protector fabric. Stitch on the brooch back and if you feel fancy some pretty stitches too.

Stitch a few vintage beads on and a little running stitch around the edge before you parcel up your brooch and give it to someone special. Why not chalk paint a wooden box from the craft store and fill it with petals as a perfect gift box for your brooch!

For more vintage inspired crafts visit Samantha’s blog at or her Crafternoon Tea Parties at

Happy making!