Creative Autumn Activities

Adventures & Tea Parties Creative Autumn Activities

I don't know about you but I can definitely smell autumn in the air. The leaves are adding splashes of red, pink, orange and yellow to our parks, woods, pathways, streets and gardens. The incredible shine of conkers are bursting from the trees, ready for kids to play that traditional conker game. The sun is setting earlier. The apples and blackberries have been picked and are being made into delicious cakes and pies. And the smell of bonfires are starting to float through the air. It's really a rather wonderful time of year and definitely a favourite season of mine.

Something I love about autumn, and any new season, is the different activities it brings. It's like being given a whole new range of fabric to work with or a new set of toys to play with. Here are just a few of my favourite creative autumn activities to do.

Adventures & Tea Parties Creative Autumn Activities

Apple pie

Pick apples and make delicious, warm apple pie with a touch of cinnamon and served with double cream. Mmm, yum!

Autumnal photography

Wrap up in a cosy cardigan and scarf and go walking in the woods to find a selection of crunchy leaves, conkers, oaks and pine cones. Bring them home and take some autumn inspired flatlay photos.

Adventures & Tea Parties Creative Autumn Activities


Rather than throwing away those leaves scavenged from the woodland walk, pierce a hole through the bottom of each leaf, thread some string or ribbon through and hang above the front door to welcome one and all.

Seasonal cooking

Try new recipes using seasonal foods such as beetroot, squashes, pumpkin, artichoke, clementines, pears and pomegranates. Simple things like soups, stews and roasted veg for warm salads work a treat too.

Those are just a few creative things I love to do in Autumn but I've also put together some more on Pinterest. Pop on over for some extra autumnal creativity and enjoy the new season everyone!