Colour My Every Day Instagram Challenge

Wooooooo, what an absolute blast ColourMyEveryDay was. SO MUCH COLOUR! Honestly, last week totally blew me away. All those stunning, jaw dropping photos made for such a happy Instagram feed. Also, something rather lovely that became apparent this time round were all the beautiful words accompanying the posts; the stories behind the photos, the meanings, the interpretations, they were utterly spellbinding. Can we do it all again please? 

Actually, so many of you have got in contact to ask when the next one is happening and, stop the press, I can confirm there will be another week long #ColourMyEveryDay challenge coming soon. I just need to get my colour diary out...I don't have a colour diary, that would be fun though and any creatives out there reading this who have the skills to create one, I know many of us would be very grateful. A rainbow diary or a different colour on each page? ;) Anyway, must not stop rambling, Joanna. I will be having a look at my colourful wall planner (actually, that is very colourful) and sorting out a date and prompts soon.

Thanks to all of you who jumped on to my Insta Stories today to answers my q's about how the next challenge should look. The votes are in and it looks like you lovely lot way prefer week long challenges to month long ones, 2-3 times a year, with easy peasy lemon squeezy prompts and those Pinterest boards I created for each prompt, they aren't really your cup of tea. So we can definitely scrap those and focus on other fun things, hurrah! If you have any other thoughts about the challenge, do ping me a message. I want to make the challenge work for everyone as much as humanly possible, so would love to hear your thoughts :)

colour themed photo styling by joanna payne

Thank you SO FLIPPING MUCH for joining on the challenge (do I sound like broken record, yet?)! Seriously, the challenge wouldn't be what it is without you awesome lot and cor blimey, I'm so excited about the next one, getting to see all your amazing photos, beautiful words and all that incredible colour, yay, bring it on! Right, that's enough excitement for a Monday. I'll be back soon with details of the next #ColourMyEveryDay challenge, so keep your peepers peeled here, there and everywhere! Until then, stay colourful my lovelies!