Colour Inspiration : The Secret Lives of Colour


If you haven't already delved into The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St Clair, then I urge you to do so. It is not just a book about colour but it's an exploration of 75 incredible pigments and beautiful hues from the glorious colour spectrum that exists. It isn't until you open up the book do you realise how important colour is; the meaning behind different shades, the ever changing perception of colour throughout history and even the social status behind them.

the secret lives of colour.jpg

What I love about the way this book is written and laid out, is the fact it does not overface you with text and reams of facts. There is plenty to keep you interested but you don't feel bogged down in detail. It's approachable for everyone and very much a book for dipping into while you're have a morning brew, whether your tea is Gamboge or Taupe! You can quite easily open the book up at random and read about a colour before breakfast or maybe one to dream of before bed.

the secret lives of colour 6.jpg

The book is written by Kassia St Clair, who has a lifelong obsession with colour. As a freelance writer, her popular column on colour in Elle Decoration originally sparked the idea for this incredible piece of work. I wonder if she'd be interested in ColourMyEveryDay? Ha ha! 

the secret lives of colour 1.jpg

What this book beautifully highlights is not only the importance and wonder that is colour but how truly epic it is. Not even Pantone can plot every colour but I think that's rather wonderful, colour can't be completely pinned down and so it's quite possibly, forever evolving; we really are on a colour journey, isn't that magical?