Colour Inspiration: Melody G Design


Hey you lovely lot! I'm so flipping excited to be posting my latest Colour Inspiration post with you all. Today I'm sharing a chat I had with an artist and designer whose colourful creations more than float my boat, they make my head fizz and my heart go BOOM! If someone could please create an emoji of that heart eyed face but instead of red hearts, they're rainbow or paint palette hearts that would sum up how I feel nicely. It's like they've been plucked straight out of an incredible paint palette of the most glorious colour combinations, swirls and shapes. They're SO good and without further do, here are Melody's wonderful thoughts about colour and how it inspires her work...

Hi there! Can you tell the Adventures & Tea Parties' gang a little bit about yourself pretty please?

Hello! I'm Melody, a messy, creative, dog-loving, accidental-plant-killing, sweet-toothed, art-type person. I love creating colourful, abstract prints, which I then turn into handmade jewellery and other bits and bobs.

Photo credit: Elicea Andrews Photography

Photo credit: Elicea Andrews Photography

How does colour inspire your designs?
Colour is at the core of most of my designs. I'm generally inspired by colour palettes and themes rather than actual objects or shapes when I create a painting - it's at the heart of what I do. I love experimenting with how different materials compliment different colour combos, and seeing how they pop against different textures.


Why do you think colour is important?
To me, colour can be a really sensory thing - we associate various colours with temperatures, feelings and even tastes or sounds. Certain colour palettes can evoke different emotive responses, or can simply just inject some beauty into a space. Colour has unlimited purposes and possibilities, which is part of why I love it so much. 


Where do you get your colour inspiration from?
Oh literally everywhere! A lot of it comes from nature, art movements, architecture, and especially people. A lot of my inspiration comes from fashion, I love seeing the way colours and materials have been put together by different designers.


If you had to choose one colour, what would you go for and why?
Everyone must say this but that's too hard a question! It would probably be something super 'millennial pink'. Actually yes, but I'm gonna go ahead and just call it 'pink'...


Thank you so much, Melody! It's so inspiring and fascinating hearing all about your love of colour and how it influences your stunning designs. Keep up the amazing work and thanks so much for stopping by to share your thoughts.

I hope you've all enjoyed Melody's thoughts on colour and are now off to her website to see more of those colourtastic designs! And until next time, stay colourful my lovelies!