Colour Inspiration: In the mood for colour


I was browsing the library shelves recently with no real book goal in mind, when lo and behold, my eyes caught sight of this; a book about colour. A little wave of excitement leapt in my heart and, if iit had been an 80s animation, my eyes definitely turned into hearts and popped out my head. In my excited haze, I eagerly took hold of the book, like it was the last loaf of bread on the planet and didn't bother to sit down for a bit of one-on-one book time. I went straight to the issue desk and checked the book out.


On returning home and before I knew it, I was clutching a cup of tea, ensconced on the sofa, intrigued (and still buzzing from my find) as to what this book was all about.

What I'd picked up was in fact a book exploring the different colours and textures to give interiors a more creative feel. Now, I don't know about you, but I've had a thing about interiors ever since I was a little girl, when I finally got my own bedroom. I used to redesign it on, quite possibly, a monthly basis. I remember getting this incredible set of abstract photography postcards, which I adored, blu tacking the entire lot to one wall before adding odd artefacts, bus tickets, actual photos, drawings, and any bits and bobs I could find. I was always repainting my room too. It was the box room, so I could transform it in a day. I still remember the 70s orange phase to this day. Definitely Bowie inspired.


Just like being able to paint over that orange experience, this book makes that exact point straight up. You can always paint over a colour if it doesn't make your heart zing. So, with that in mind, why not explore and experiment. Amen to that.

Throughout the book, author Hans Blomquist, delves into colours by groups and individually too, such as a whole section dedicated to delightful yellows, and, far from bright, but just as impressive, a chapter called, 'Thunder, Charcoal & Night'. Wow!


Hans brings his experience as an art director and lifestyle photographer into the book in a beautifully inspiring way. His ideas aren't overwhelming or unreachable, they're stunningly simple, intertwining gorgeous textures and tones from everyday items. The lifestyle photos are rather breathtaking, giving you a wonderful atmospheric feeling and his suggestions on using light, or textures, such as wood or linen, really do get you thinking outside a tin of paint.

A glorious book, that certainly made me look at colour in a new light and not just in an interior context, but how I might apply the ideas to designs, sewing projects and my colour photography. The book is one you could devour in a day or simply dip into for some much needed colour inspiration and escapism. Wonderful.