Colour Inspiration: Hatchling Makes


Hellooooooo and welcome to my next Colour Inspiration post! I'm super-duper jump up and down excited to be sharing a colour themed interview I did with one of the most loveliest, inspiring, hard-working ladies I've ever met. Her passion for creativity, designing, embroidery and the handmade community is HUGE and completely infectious. Her stunning and totally unique designs really stand out. They're fun, beautifully made and they're completely colourtastic! So, without further ado, let's here what this creative girl boss thinks about all things colour.

Hi there! Can you tell the Adventures & Tea Parties' gang a little bit about yourself pretty please?

Hi! I’m Tash and I am the maker/owner/entrepreneur behind Hatchling Makes, where I sell hand embroidered geometric home décor and gifts, mostly featuring dinosaurs and animals. I’m originally from Germany but live in London with my husband. I work from a home studio filled with colour and I’m slowly injecting more colour into the other rooms of our home!


How does colour inspire your designs?

Playing with colours is a lot of what I do, particular shades of a particular colour. I do look a lot to nature for inspiration (because what better colour inspiration is out there) to see how different greens coexist in a garden or park for example, and then I’ll translate that into a design of an animal or creature that I think would live in that environment. Sometimes thinking about the blues of the ocean will then make me think of the creatures that live there and that’ll inspire me to sketch out a new design entirely! Playing with shades allows me to do things such as put lighter colours where I want an emphasis to be and use the darker colours a bit like shadowing so my work looks even more 3D.


Why do you think colour is important?

Colour is such a vivid part of our imaginations. We dream often in colour and a lot of how we perceive things is if we are attracted to it by colour. I do think that colour has the power, just like smell or a certain song, to take us back to a particular memorable event in our lives and that’s so important, especially now in the age of social media, to let ourselves enjoy the simple things and give our eyes a treat! After all, if we treat the other senses, like freshly baked cookies for our sense of smell, I think we should surround ourselves with colour as a treat for our eyes! I even know someone who associates certain days with particular colours and I find that fascinating!


Where do you get your colour inspiration from?

For the last 10 years I’ve worked in the theatre industry (mostly backstage, so my world was very devoid of colour, making me blend into the scenery) but I loved the drama and colour of the sets, lights and costumes of the actors. Especially in how making something a particular shade can invoke a different meaning to what’s happening – a bit like in panto, when the baddies are always in a greenish light! Or how you can convey that the whole set is underwater just by making the lights go two or three shades of blue at once! I do love to open up my rainbow thread boxes to see all the colours and I find I often pick out a few sets of complimentary shades at random and then figure out what would best suit the design that I’m stitching. But often I do find that when I’m drawing a design I already have a colour in my head of how it’s going to look.


Are you working on any colour themed projects at the moment?
I’ve always got something colourful on the go! Right now I have a secret squirrel project that will include a whole rainbow selection of colours. I’ve also just finished off a personalised dinosaur for my husband where I got him to pick out 4 of his favourite shades of blue (his favourite colour). And together we’ve redesigned my packaging for my handmade patches and embroidered brooches so that they reflect my new branding!


If you had to choose one colour, what would you go for and why?
Yellow, no question. My wedding colours were yellow and white (to match the flowers!) and it’s such a lovely, bright, cheery colour and I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t smile when they see it! I actually love it so much that I painted the pegboard in my office a pastel yellow! 

Thank you so much, Tash! It's been absolutely magical hearing all about your passion for colour and how it influences not just your beautiful designs, but your everyday too. Keep up the incredible work; I can't wait to see where it takes you next!

I hope you've all enjoyed Tash's thoughts on colour and are now off to her website to see more of those colourtastic designs! And until next time, stay colourful my lovelies!