Colour Inspiration: 365 Days of Coloured Stuff

Hello and welcome to a brand new blog series all about colour! So many of you got excited about the latest ColourMyEveryDay Instagram challenge, that I've decided to start a blog series dedicated entirely to colour inspiration. In this series you'll discover colour themed books, workshops, exhibitions, photography, shops, interviews with colourful creatives and anything else I can find that simply has to be shared!

To kick start the series, I'm very excited to be sharing a brand new book that has just hit the shelves! Created by the super talented textile designer and blogger, Kate Marsden, '365 Days of Coloured Stuff' is an absolute treat for the eyes.

Throughout 2017, Kate took one photo every day of a colourful object. The objects were taken from around her home and ranged from allsorts of everyday items, such as a plastic coat hanger to a dish cloth, shoe, kitchen bowl, stapler, pieces of ribbon and so much more! 

The photos were shared on Kate's beautiful Instagram account and became quite the talking point. One photo every day with a set theme is quite the challenge! But Kate did it and boy did she do it justice. Not only did she take such beautiful photos but she created something quite spectacular, a work of art.


Kate has now brought all her favourite images together from the project into one beautiful book, which is more than a delight, it's mesmerising. If you are seeking out colour inspiration or simply love looking at gorgeous photography, then I cannot recommend this book enough. It makes me feel really elated as I look through the photos and also amazed at how an everyday item, such as a shower sponge, can become so alluring and exquisite to gaze upon.

This incredible piece of work is available to buy from Kate's shop and because it's an instant download, you can be looking at it within minutes, which is pretty good if you ask me! Kate is also offering an incredible 50% off throughout February with the special coupon code: 365PROJECT. 

Kate Marsden

When Kate isn't take pictures of colourful things, she's also illustrating and designing beautiful fabric, blogging, running gorgeous creative workshops and she helps run the brilliant Just A Card Campaign! You can find Kate over on her website, Twitter, Pinterest and of course, on Instagram! She's currently work on lots of exciting new designs, so be sure to give her a follow to see these!

If you know someone who would love to hear all about Kate's '365 Days of Coloured Stuff', then please do share; the more people that see this incredible project, the better! 

Thanks for reading folks. The next colour inspiration post will be delving into the world of one designer/maker and how colour inspires her incredible work. Can't wait to share this with you and until then, stay colourful my lovelies because it's better that way, right?