Causing a creative, musical buzz

Fifty-Bees-001 - large.jpg

You know how I recently mentioned that I've got some exciting creative projects going down in Adventures & Tea Parties town? Well, I've been bursting with a capital BEE to tell you about this particular nature shaped one. It's a creative collaboration of the likes I've never done before, taking me back to my old neck of the woods, sweet apple shaped Somerset.

Once upon time, over some rosemary gins or two, sat by a roaring log fire, two creative minds came together and...ok, let's cut to the chase. Over several large gins and ten bags of crisps in our local boozer, the super-duper fabulous woman that is Jenn, from Somerset Cool, and I, decided to enter the buzzing collaborative art project about Britain's endangered bees called...FIFTY BEES...and guess what? The gin and crisps must have paid off because our submission only went and got accepted. Shut the bee hive door. ACCEPTED! WAHOOOOO!

But what is FIFTY BEES I hear you buzz! If you have an aversion to bee related puns and phrases, you may want to buzz away now, ha ha! NO, don't bee off, keep reading! I'm about to tell you what this totally unique and utterly brilliant project is all about.

Back in 2017 the amazing artist that is Lydia Needle, decided to felt 50 individual bees to raise awareness about Britain's diminishing bee population. She invited 50 artists to respond to one of the bees in a never seen before exhibition of its type in beautiful Somerset.

It was such a success, causing a big stir in the nature and art world, that Lydia and her great team of artistic Bee Keepers, are now putting on the third FIFTY BEES exhibition in 2019. They've invited 50 artists to respond to an individual bee that they'll all bee matched up with. And cor blimey, Jenn and I are one of them. We can now call ourselves Bee Artists. I'm tempted to get my name changed by deed poll, Jo Beetastic Payne. What do you think? Ha ha!

Jenn and I have both been buzzing (sorry not sorry) with excitement since we heard the news and of course, we've starting the bee-ball (again, not sorry) rolling on our artistic response. Our idea? Jenn is going to write and record a song and I'm going to design the album cover because guess what? Jenn only used to be a singer songwriter!!! That woman has no end of hidden talent and I'm over the moon to be collaborating with her. It's also been a life-long dream of mine to design an album cover and I can't believe all of this is truly happening.

Over the next few months, we'll be sharing sneak peeks at our work-in-progress, so be sure to follow our bee shaped adventure @somersetcool and @adventuresandteaparties. We cannot wait to share our journey with you.

Big bee love,