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Yay, it's that time of the month when I find out and introduce you all to the face behind a wonderful creative blog. This month it's the turn of '


', a creative lifestyle blog full of gorgeous posts about design, illustration, photography and all things blogging related. As you'll find out, the person behind this blog wears two hats, which totally impresses me, so I was super keen to find out about her creative world!

OhHay! blog

Hello there, can you tell us all a little bit about yourself?

My name is Lauren, I'm a 21 year old Graphic Design graduate from the North East of Scotland. I started my blog, OhHay!, back in May 2013 as a place to grow my online presence as a creative and to share my adventures. I also run the blogging community group


that I set up in September 2015. 

OhHay! blog

Where do you blog?

My usual spot is in the bedroom. I only got a desk put in a few months ago but it has really helped change the way I work. It has given me a proper space to get down and focus on what I need to get done. I’m also known to do a bit of blogging whilst on the train or sitting in coffee shops. 

OhHay! blog

If you had to take only one tool to a desert island, what would you choose and why?

If paper was already going to be supplied (or I could draw on leaves?) then I’d probably pick a water brush pen filled with black ink. Since starting to use it I have found it helps me be a bit more expressive in my work.

OhHay! blog

How do you get inspired to blog?

I won’t lie, I do struggle with this a lot, which is probably evident in how often I blog. But I definitely find it easiest when there is a topic that I am really passionate talking about, such as community or creativity. I also follow a lot of amazing creative bloggers that are always pushing the boundaries, so that’s always an encouraging incentive too. 

OhHay! blog

What top tips would you give to anyone starting a blog?

Blog for you! For a while I tried to include things like beauty reviews but that wasn’t me and it was forced. Your blog should be your space for your interests and passions. If you are forcing or faking an interest it’ll be obvious. Whereas, if it’s something you are really into, it’s most likely going to resonate with other people too. Most recently I realised this when I shared my

Tips for Networking blog post

OhHay! blog

Is there a story behind the name, ‘OhHay!'?

There is! The name basically came about from needing to come up with a self promotional “branding” as part of a web design module when I was in my first year of college. Instead of just going with my name, I wanted to go with something that was a bit more quirky and after some brainstorming I went with OhHay! The idea for the name basically came from when I was back in secondary school, I used to get the line, “Oh ‘Hay’ Lauren Hay!” from friends and so I thought it would work for my module (but shortened) and then I ended up keeping it when I started my blog a month later.

OhHay! blog

If you could go to a Blog Award dinner with any 5 people (dead or alive, real or fictional) who would you choose? 

I would love to chat to James Victore as he was such a key, inspiring figure for me throughout University. Also, Jessica Hische as she seems like such a wonderful women and I love the work she produces, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman as their projects are always extremely thought provoking and boundary pushing, and Andy J Miller because his podcasts always inspire me to be a better creative.

OhHay! blog

And finally...if you had to choose one song to represent 'OhHay!', what would it be and why? 

Oh man this is such a hard question because I listen to so much! I think it’d likely be some indie or a rock/punk song that just makes you want to lean against the train window and watch the countryside roll by. So, I think something from Imagine Dragons, Bastille Walking On Cars or The Rocket Summer would be perfect to represent it!

Thanks so much, Lauren! It's been wonderful hearing all about your creative blogging world and your advice about just being yourself when blogging and creating YOUR space is so true. Keep up the awesome design and blogging work, Lauren!

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