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Yay, my favourite part of the month is here - Blog Gem interview time where I find out all about the lovely face behind an inspiring blog, what makes that blogger tick, where they blog and who they would take to a Blog Award Dinner!

This month I had the great pleasure in finding out about the super talented face behind This Little Space of Mine, a beautiful blog all about home, creativity and lifestyle. Read on to find out more!

This Little Space of Mine interview

Hello there, can you tell all of my lovely readers at Adventures & Tea Parties a little bit about yourself?

My name’s Leanne and I run the blog, This Little Space of Mine. I work in marketing by day and by night I’m a keen crafter, blogger, book worm and crazy cat lady. My crafting started with knitting, but I’ve learnt how to crochet, love cross stitch and next year plan to make a quilt. I’m a relatively new home owner and next year I’m getting married, so I have lots to keep me busy! You’ll find me at my happiest exploring new cities (like our California Road trip in 2015) or cosying up on the sofa with our cat, Freds, my fiancé and a good boxset on Netflix (I’ve just finished Orange is the New Black). 

This Little Space of Mine interview

Where do you blog? What is that space like?

I’m lucky enough to have a craft room in our home; it doubles up as a guest room but safe to say my stash of yarn and other crafting goodies has taken over! I love sitting in there, cuddling up with Freds and crafting or writing blog posts, often with a cup of tea in hand and candles lit. It’s a colourful space and one I’ve made relaxing and personal. 

This Little Space of Mine interview

If you had to take only one craft tool to a desert island, what would you choose and why?

Oooo that’s a tricky one. While knitting was my first love, I now feel a confident enough crocheter that I’d probably take a crochet hook. And I never thought I’d say that!

This Little Space of Mine interview

How do you get inspired to blog? 

While the content on This Little Space of Mine is largely guided by what I’m making, or thinking about making, these days personal posts creep in too - so topics that are on my mind that I feel brave enough to share. My posts on the emotional upheaval of moving house or why I was crocheting flowers for Stroke Association have been hugely popular and I think it’s because of the honesty of them. I enjoy writing those posts; it allows my audience to learn more about me. I often tread the water on Instagram, to see the reaction, and then put the words into a post if I feel comfortable. It can take draft after draft, but they can be the most rewarding of posts. 

I like to make things for friends and family too, so that’ll often steer my blog content - this year my baby blanket make went viral on Pinterest and the traffic to my blog skyrocketed. I like to have crafting projects, the joy of them is that they can create a great amount of content and it’s fun to share with my readers what I’m up to and how I’m progressing. This all started with my year long skyblanket project in 2014.

This Little Space of Mine interview

What top tips would you give to anyone starting a blog?

I would say go for it and try not to get absorbed in what everyone else is doing. Stick to your guns and write the blog you want to read. It’s so easy to get lost in what others are doing, but don’t let it stifle your creativity. I’d also encourage you to write out what you want your blog to be. Having those words on a piece of paper that you can look back on can be hugely helpful in keeping a focus, as your blog develops. Above all else, just go for it! You never know where it might take you and who you might meet. I’ve met some wonderful people, first online and then ‘in real life’, who have become great friends. The online crafting community is especially supportive and welcoming. 

This Little Space of Mine interview

Is there a story behind the name, 'This Little Space of Mine'?

There is! Back in September 2014 I decided to close my first blog - I felt a craving for a new blog and a new ‘space’ to share both crafts and lifestyle content. I wrote out word after word, phrase after phrase, but nothing stuck as a name. My fiancé proofed my farewell post on the old blog and spotted that I’d written the very words ‘this little space of mine’ and suggested I called the new space just that. It was perfect; it spoke to my heart as they were my words and came naturally to me.

This Little Space of Mine interview

If you could go to a Blog Award dinner with any 5 people (dead or alive, real or fictional) who would you choose? 

Oh I love this question! I’d go for Anne Boleyn (I’ve always found her part in history fascinating), Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks (both fab actors who I just love), David Bowie (I’d ask him to sing and tell me what it was like to work with Freddie Mercury) and George Clooney (he’s been a crush of mine since I saw him in ER as Dr. Doug Ross). What an eclectic bunch of people!

This Little Space of Mine interview

And finally...if you had to choose one song to represent 'This Little Space of Mine', what would it be and why? 

That’s tricky! My music choices vary but I love anything from Mumford and Sons to Elton John, through to pop music like Little Mix and Girls Aloud. I’d say at the moment I’d go for something like Bon Iver or Birdy - something quite chilled, relaxing and uplifting. I’m sure a song will one day come to me, but for now I’ll go with a playlist!

Thank you so much, Leanne. It's been wonderful hearing all about your creative, blogging world. I absolutely love the sound of your craft room and ooh, what a fab collection of people to invite to the Blog Award Dinner (one day that has to happen, it really does!)! Keep up the great blogging, Leanne! :)

I hope you've all enjoyed this month's Blog Gem interview. Don't forget you can catch up on all my previous Blog Gem interviews here for more inspiring reads.  Happy reading! 

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