2017 goals

Adventures & Tea Parties 2017 goals

Yay, happy new year everyone! I hope you had fun bringing in the new year with friends and family. I had such a lovely, relaxed night sitting by the fire drawing a few pictures and knitting a few more rows on my latest project. I feel refreshed and raring to get going on my 2017 plans!

The goals I'm hoping to achieve this year are simple but big:

- Finally get a website and my very own online shop

- Re-brand

- Expand my product range

- Find my own home in Bristol

- Continue to prioritise my working week to keep myself focused and on target to achieve the above

I have lots of little goals too but I decided those fit nicely under my main goals and one thing I've learnt over the years running a business single-handed is that it's best not to set unrealistic targets and instead to breakdown bigger goals down into weekly manageable tasks. So, that's the plan! 

Have you got new year goals you'd like to achieve? How are you going to approach them?