What's on the jukebox, Jo?

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Like the weather today (one minute glorious sunshine, the next minute torrential downpours and cracking thunder enough to make your heart jump), this week has been full of extremes. But, as I like to do every Friday, I'm going to focus on the positives from the week. The reason I do this? Well, it's oh so easy to focus on the negative and it's definitely something us humans tend to do, a bad default really. So, I like to end the week on a positive, putting myself in a happy frame of mind for the weekend ahead. I then like to pick out a selection of songs that I've either heard on the radio this week or choose favourites that always make me want to get up and dance my way in to the weekend.

Here are my five positives from the week:

Happy #1 / I've become completely and utterly gripped on the latest Paul Auster novel (a favourite author of mine) and I got to see old family friends who I haven't seen in five years! Lots of catching up was done, biscuits were eaten, several coffees were had and photos, of us all together, were taken. Happy times :)

Happy #2 / Ordered delicious yarn from Wool and the Gang for Christmas knitting projects. You can never be too early starting winter knitting projects, right?

Happy #3 / I figured out two new pin designs to join the #ColourMyEveryDay pin in my Etsy shop, yay! 

Happy #4 / Saw a sample of my latest design being expertly cut and printed by Bespoke Laser UK and oooh, I can't wait to show you all!

Happy #5 / My new fabric selections arrived in the post, ready for me to make new shop accessories this weekend. Head to my IG Storiesif you fancy a sneak peek at them!

And here are five songs to kick start the weekend with :)

Ka-Ding-Dong by Captain & Tennille

Burning Down The House by Talking Heads

Let's All Go To The Bar by Deertick

Living on a Thin Line by The Kinks

Proud Mary (Rolling on the river) by Tina Turner

Happy Friday my lovelies, have a fab weekend!