What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Street art from Shoreditch / Brick Lane, London. Photo taken by Joanna Payne, designer maker and creative freelance blogger at Adventures & Tea Parties

It has been rain central here in Somerset this week. Non stop in fact, which has meant hardly any walking for me but I'm hoping to get out this weekend, after I've checked out the latest exhibition at Ace Arts, of course. They have a pop up book themed exhibition, which I had a sneaky look at on Thursday but I'm going to immerse myself in it this weekend, heaven!

I hope you all had a good week? Any positive highlights? Here are my five happy things from the week.

Happy #1 / Saw my creative tribe at the Somerset Etsy Team meet up, which was fab. We had a really good chat about Pinterest. Head over here if you want to see what I've been pinning lately.

Happy #2 / Learnt how to do a provisional cast on in knitting (thank you YouTube!), so that I could start knitting a secret present for a friend :)

Happy #3 / Spent the majority of the week listening to TED talks while working. I learnt SO much and have come away from them feeling incredibly inspired and motivated. The people that stand up and do those talks are truly amazing and I cannot recommend listening to them enough. Click here and browse the topics or just pick something at random; seriously you won't be disappointed.

Happy #4 / Was recommended the Deliciously Ella cookbook by Louise Wright (FAB illustrator, who I interviewed here!), which resulted in a lovely chat about food and further lead to me going to the library and borrowing the cook book. Plan this weekend is to choose one yummy recipe to try out, yay!

Happy #5 / Nearly finished my first attempt at the Tilly & the Button's Cleo dress pattern. If you fancy a look see, head to my Instagram to see a pic of how far I got. I'm planning to take it in this weekend as it's a little big and then I'm super keen to make another one. Such a great pattern, which I can highly recommend if you're thinking of giving it a go! 

And, so that I don't break a habit of the blog, here are some songs that I had to play on repeat this week when I heard them on 6 Music. Pop them on, turn them up and have a dance!

Frontline by The Selecter

Gimme Shelter by Merry Clayton

If Before I Wake by The Districts

Nouveau Western bt MC Solaar

Dance To The Music by Sly & The Family Stone

Happy Friday everyone, have a fab weekend!