What's on the jukebox, Jo?

I have this thing with doors - photo by Joanna Payne, creative lifestyle blogger from Adventures & Tea Parties.

How has your week been? What was the best thing that happened? I've got into a bit of a routine on a Friday now. I look back at the working week and write down five good things that happened. It helps me focus on the positive, instead of worrying about things that I can't change or things that haven't even happened. By writing them down and sharing on the blog, I get myself into a positive mindset for the weekend. So, here are my five.

Happy #1 / Laughing my way through the entire week with the lovely Jenn from Somerset Coo about #fieldclub. What is 'field club'? Well, it's taking too many pictures of beautiful looking Somerset fields and sharing them with each other because seriously, the fields are stunning down here. Oh and I don't think I'll ever stop referring to Somerset as 'down here' because the northerner in me will never leave, ha-ha!

Happy #2 / The arrival of my first ever soft enamel pin design, woohoo! Click hereto have a look at it in all its colourful glory and oooooh, thank you all SO MUCH for the orders AND the fab pictures you've been sharing of your #ColourMyEveryDay pins!

Happy #3 / Lots of happy post in the form of fabric to make several dresses from and lots of silly, glittery and fun paraphernalia for an up-and-coming music festival I'm going to, soooooo excited! I've even invested in a collapsable little chair that fits in my rucksack, so I can sit down to drink my festival ale this year, ha-ha!

Flat lay photo by Joanna Payne, creative lifestyle blogger at Adventures & Tea Parties

Happy #4 / Doing a dry run (quite literally as it didn't rain that day - this week has been full on rain and sunshine down here) of the Somerset Etsy Team Photowalk that myself and the lovely team captain, Joanne Hawker are running for the group. We're basically going to go on a walk, chat and take pictures. What could be better than that? I'm very happy Photowalks are thing now; I think they're ace!

Happy #5 / Becoming friends with a lovely neighbour who is rallying around to get traffic calming measures brought to our town, especially along the road we all live on. People seriously drive like loons through here and it's very flipping scary. Anyway, if he hadn't knocked on the door to ask if Mum and I fancied signing the petition, then we might never have met him and discovered he has the same political views. He is doing such amazing work fighting to get something done about the road and it feels like everyone is with him and that something will get done. How incredible is that?! Someone fighting for what they and the community believe should happen. I've felt so down beat about politics in recent years and people not fighting for change because it never goes anywhere but he made me feel better about standing up for your rights again. Power to the people!

What are your five happy things that happened this week? Seriously, go grab a bit of paper and write them down. You'll view your week in a totally new light and feel great about yourself as you head into the weekend. And if you need an extra boost or maybe you just want to jump around because you already feel great, then here are five songs to sing your heart out too and dance around like you just don't care. So, go turn the volume up and wrap your ears around these!

Get It On by T. Rex

Let's Work Together by Canned Heat

Ready to Go by Republica

Common People by Pulp

Get Up, Get Into It and Get Involved by James Brown

Happy Friday everyone, have a fab weekend! And if you want more positivity and happy vibes, check out my previous weekly posts here.