What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Freshly picked flowers by Adventures & Tea Parties

Yay, the weekend is nearly here! Have you had a good week? Any highlights? What are you weekend plans?

I was completely wiped out at the start of the week after the Blogtacular conference in London. It was so much fun and I will totally be blogging about it soon (and including lots of pics too) but this week was about playing catch up on shop orders, business related stuff and sleep! Anyone else find it impossible to sleep in a hotel bed? Even if I'm exhausted I find it so hard to sleep solidly. My brain stays alert to the slightest sound and I just can't acclimatise to the new surroundings. So, I had the longest sleep when I got home late Saturday night and did nothing on Sunday aside from sit on the sun lounger in the garden and make a few notes on the things I learnt from Blogtacular while it was fresh in my tired brain.

Despite it being a bit of catch up week, it's been a good one too and here are my happy highlights:

Happy thing #1 / The design proof came back for my first pin, which I've been adjusting the colours on today. Early next week I should have an ETA for when I can expect to see it in the flesh, which is very exciting! Oh and I should mention or rather totally tease you about, it's a colour themed pin and that's all I'm going to say on the matter, ha-ha!

Happy thing #2 / I spent a whole evening gardening and it felt so good to be doing it mid-week rather than just pottering around the garden on a Sunday.

Happy thing #3 / I continued to be amazed at how many of you are taking part in the #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram challengeand sharing such fabulous, colourful photos! It's truly incredible and I'm really happy to hear from so many of you telling me how much you're enjoying it; that makes my heart go boom!

Happy thing #4 / Myself and two of my besties started a daily gratitude check. Each day we check in with each other to say what we're grateful for. It's like a boost of positivity each day and keeps the three of us thinking of the good things in life. This has been particularly helpful with the current political climate and the non stop bad sh*t happening lately. 

Happy thing #5 / My bloody amazing friends and creative tribe who continue to inspire, encourage and most of all make me laugh. Love them! On Saturday I'm meeting up with the Somerset Etsy Team group for our monthly meet up and I can't wait to be with my creative tribe again!

And of course, as you now know, music is always a core part of my week. I've had 6 Music on mostly, been repeating the first song below A LOT and today, I binged on Just a Minute, another favourite listen of mine while I'm working. So, if you fancy a bit of music this evening, here are 7 tracks I picked out especially for you. Pop them on and have a boogie!

Shark Smile by Big Thief

Beatmaker by Doris

Challengers by The New Pornographers

The Way You Used to Do by Queens of the Stone Age

Ye Ye by Minimatic

I Take What I Want by Sam & Dave

Get Up, Get Into It , Get Involved by James Brown

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!