Meet the local artist - Becka Griffin

Yay, it's time for another 'Meet the local artist' interview and this month I have the great pleasure of introducing an incredible artist and illustrator from Merseyside, Becka Griffin. Read on to find out all about her artistic world, how she works, gets inspired and most importantly, who she would invite to a fictitious Art & Illustration Award evening!

Becka Griffin Illustrator

Hi there, can you introduce yourself to all the lovely Adventures & Tea Parties blog readers please?

Hello!  My name’s Becka, I’m 37 and I am an illustrator based in Liverpool.  I’ve been running my business for about eight years, and full-time for just over three years.  I’m also very proud to be Captain of the Merseyside Etsy Team.

Becka Griffin Illustrator

What kind of art and illustration do you do?

I draw by hand, using ink, but sometimes use watercolours too.  I create illustrations that can be used mainly as prints and greetings cards, but also wedding invites, temporary tattoos and other small gift items.

My style could be described as quite playful and relatively simple.  One of my best friends describes my style as naïve, I think he says it mainly to annoy me, but I suppose it’s not such a bad word!

Becka Griffin Illustrator

How do you work and get inspired?

I love making a piece of art which has some sort of logic behind it. For example, my alphabets have a little illustration for each letter of the alphabet, all surrounding a definite theme.

At the moment I am totally obsessed with drawing buildings and I am embarking on a series of illustrations of cities throughout the UK.  I’ve done close to thirty different towns and cities now, and I am loving drawing some of the more obscure places that might not normally get a lot of attention!  I come up with the final list based predominantly on input from social media, again a very logical approach, involving lists and tally marks!

I’m also a sucker for a good food-based pun and have a whole series of funny food-based greetings cards.

Becka Griffin Illustrator

What do you love about art and illustration?

I absolutely love that I get to do this for a living.  Like, I actually draw stuff, whatever I want, and I can earn enough money to pay my bills.  I took a decision a few years ago to move away from client work and now most of what I do is self-directed; I am so lucky that people like it enough to buy it!

Becka Griffin Illustrator

What's the art scene like in Merseyside? 

There’s a really thriving and diverse art scene in Merseyside.  I’m based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle and I am lucky enough to have worked alongside loads of really talented illustrators – Lisa Robson of Lost Plots, and Roy McCarthy of Küla were in my last shared studio, and in my current studio I work just upstairs from Laura-Kate Chapman (of Laura-Kate Draws).

Illustrators aside, the Baltic Triangle is a really flourishing area, and is full of artists and designer-makers.  It’s an old industrial area, full of now-converted warehouses, housing hundreds of small startups and creative businesses.

Further afield there are creative hubs in the North Docks, and also reaching out further into the Wirral and Cheshire.  It’s a great place to be, and I am really happy here!

Becka Griffin Illustrator

If you had to take only one art tool to a desert island, what would you choose and why?

I’m going to hope I have some paper already… and I’ll take my favourite rollerball pen, a Uniball Eye in black.

If you could go to an Art & Illustration Award evening with any 5 people (dead or alive, real or fictional), who would you choose?

Firstly, it’d be Quentin Blake, obviously.  Then Oliver Jeffers, no huge surprises there.  I’d love Georgia O’Keefe to be there too, for old times’ sake, and I’d round the whole thing up with Axel Scheffler (the Gruffalo) and Rob Ryan.

Thank you so much, Becka! It's been a real treat hearing all about your creative world and how you work and get inspired; Merseyside sure does sound like it's thriving creatively! And I love your choice of people for the Art & Illustration Award evening (because it will be happening one day, right?); I'd definitely be pulling up a chair to your table. Keep up the amazing work Becka!

To discover more about Becka, you can find her on FacebookEtsy and on her gorgeous website too. And if you'd like to discover more artists, check out my previous 'Meet the local artist' interviews here.

I hope you've found this an inspiring interview, thanks for reading!