First week of #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram Challenge

#ColourMyEveryDay Instagram Challenge by Adventures & Tea Parties

Wowza, the first week of #ColourMyEveryDay Instagram challenge has been AWESOME!!! I honestly thought just a few of my Insta pals would join in but I've been (and still am) in shock at how many of you are taking part! As I type this the feed is currently bursting with over 4000 colourful photos, which is incredible. Looking through all the pics and seeing not only all the colourful photos but also how many of you love colour, makes me burst with happiness. The feed is now my daily positivity booster. 

If you've only just found the challenge and would like to join in, do jump aboard the colour train! Everybody and anyone can join in at any time, dip in and out of it or do the entire challenge, it's entirely up to you and we'll all be happy to see your #ColourMyEveryDay posts. You can find the prompts, including a planner and some useful hashtags, over here and don't forget to follow meto see my four favourites each day

A big massive thank you to everyone taking part and for seeking out, appreciating and sharing colour. It's truly wonderful and I can't wait to see how everyone interprets the next week's worth of prompts. 

Happy snapping!