What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Adventures & Tea Parties' studio desk

Woohoo, it's Friday and I am so ready for the weekend. Like other self-employed folks, I had to work today but I'm just about to switch my computer off, jump in my car and head to the hills where there is no phone signal, no mobile data, no nothing. In it's place there is peace, quiet, beautiful countryside, walks, home cooked food and star gazing to be had. I can't wait!

Before I do grab my bag and head out the door, I'm going to take a look at what I've done this week. I find writing it down here helps me to reflect and acknowledge on all the things I've done and the moments I've experienced in a week; a bit like a diary entry I guess.

Throughout the entire week I've been testing out a new work routine, which has gone fairly well. The idea behind it is to ensure I don't over work and instead achieve my business goals more efficiently and effectively, leaving time aside to relax and have regular exercise. It's also been structured so that I'm not fire fighting over tasks. I'm going to test it for another week and then I'll share it on here in case it's of interest to you.

Aside from this new work routine, other highlights have been a lovely wedding order that came in from a customer who had received a personalised hanky for being a bridesmaid. She loved it so much, she told me, that she decided she wanted the same for her bridal party. This totally made my day on Thursday. Hearing why people have come to my shop is a very special feeling indeed.

My blog post on 'Top ten tips for starting an online business' was published and goodness, it's been going down a storm, so I'm really glad I wrote it. You can read it


if you like. Talking of blogging, I did some blog planning too and have some wonderfully talented people lined up for interviews, so watch this space for a bit of creative inspiration.

I did 5 hours of walking around the local countryside this week and had a very special treat while on a particular walk. On saying hello to a local dog walker, we got chatting and discovered that we both like bird watching. She promptly pointed out a flock of Yellow Hammers in that very field we were stood in. I didn't get the best glimpse, so went back the next day with my Dad's binoculars and there they were, darting from field to hedge looking spectacular in their yellow plumage. After that I went back twice more to see them and on the third visit I went to show someone else and that felt really wonderful, sharing the pleasure of seeing them with a fellow bird geek.

As I like to support my fellow designer/makers and give myself a treat every now and then (Wha?! You so do that too! ;) ), today I treated myself to this

GORGEOUS button pocket mirror

from Joanne Hawker Design & Illustration. Isn't it just the cutest?!

Keeping me motivated and feeling positive through the week has been a regular dose of music and here are just a few of my favourites I've had on repeat. So, pop your Friday feeling hat on, turn them up and if you haven't already, get started on the weekend! Have a great one everyone!

Louisiana Hayride by The Boswell Sisters

Thank You For Sending Me An Angel by Talking Heads

Called You Queen by Haley Bonar

Cajun Woman by Fairport Convention

Radiohead by Talking Heads

It Changes by Amber Arcades