Essential Embroidery Tools

essential embroidery tools
Embroidery needles
There are three needles available for different types of embroidery:
  • Crewel needle - this is a basic embroidery needle. It has a sharp tip and a medium-long length eye, making it perfect for most embroidery threads.
  • Tapestry needle - this is a shorter, blunt needle but with a longer eye. It's perfect for cross stitch, whip or lace stitch as the blunt needle doesn't catch the other threads.
  • Milliner needle - this is a long, sharp needle with a small eye. It is perfect for making french knots with.

It is best to get yourself some small, hand embroidery scissors. They have a much sharper point and allow you to get in close where other scissors can't.

Embroidery hoop
A good quality wooden hoop / frame that has a brass screw will help tighten the tension of your fabric. You can also bind your inner hoop with twill tape to help with the tension but this only applies to wooden embroidery hoops. 

Thread / floss
There are all sorts of gorgeous embroidery threads /floss you can use. From cotton to silk, satin, wool, wire and more! If you're just starting out try cotton embroidery floss as it's reasonably priced and easy to work with.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of light when working, otherwise it's a real strain on the eyes. There are loads of lovely lamps out there from desk to floor lamps and ones you can clip on to tables. So, wherever you prefer to embroider, make sure you've got a lamp nearby.

Happy embroidering!