What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Teal crayon
Two songs very much kick started my week - Um Chagga Lagga by the Pixies and Beck's Wow. I then became obsessed with the intro music to the tv drama, Versailles, which is a stunning, heartbreaking song called Outro by M83. This lead me on to Midnight City, another awesome song.

On Thursday I loved the People's Playlist on Radio 6, which included lots of gorgeous tracks recommended by listeners all focused on theme of clouds. Stand out tracks for me were Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb and Get Off Of My Cloud by The Rolling Stones. Check out the other songs listed; it's a great mix.

Use Somebody by Yak was turned up loud and played on repeat throughout the week. It's a great new song to bounce around to or maybe do some mighty fine head nodding to.

And for that Friday feeling I reckon it has to be Here I Am by the one and only Al Green and The Race by Yello. Pop them on, turn the volume up and have a little dance because it's good for the soul! 

Enjoy your weekend everyone!