How to make working as a solopreneur work for you

Do you work on your own? Do you work from home? Are you a freelancer, solopreneur or small business owner? It can be tough, right? No one to run stuff by, decisions to be made on your own, no tea break with colleagues, no official clocking in or out time and no HR/accounting/IT department because you're all of those things. Everything is firmly on your shoulders.

Ok, so anyone considering going freelance or full time on their own business, don't run away now as it's really not that bad. Instead, read on because I'm sharing my thoughts on how best to conquer those stresses and issues to make being a freelancer, small business owner or solopreneur work for you.

Set the alarm and walk to work
One of the benefits of working for yourself is no more commuting. Great, you save money and don't have to be standing in someone's sweaty armpit on the tube. But on the flip-side you may be missing out on a walk to work or half an hour on the bus with your book, which can be quality time. So, instead of working in your pyjamas all day, get up and go for a 30 minute walk as though you're walking to work. The beauty of this is you can walk anywhere and any route as long as you get to "the office" for a reasonable time to start work. After 30 minutes the endorphins will be flowing and you'll be on top form ready to kick ass!

Working 9-5
Whether you're a night owl or an early bird, in my experience it's best to set yourself a start and finish time for your work. Treat your work with respect and put those hours in like you would if you were working for someone else. It doesn't have to be 9-5, it could be 8am-12pm and 4pm-8pm or whatever suits you and your situation. The benefits of working for yourself is that you can make the schedule work for you and knowing what your hours are, makes it easier to stick to them and therefore achieve your goals.

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Have a tea break with someone you want to have one with
The positive side of working for yourself is that you don't have to take your tea break with that irritating colleague any more - we've all had one or more of those in the past, right?! So, go have a tea break with someone you want to spend time with. You could also call up your fellow freelance pals and have a tea break over the phone. Just remember to go back to work and not let it become a very long lunch break!

Your networks are your colleagues, so build them!
Working remotely with no one to run stuff by can be rather daunting, so build up your online network of fellow freelancers and small business owners. Head to Twitter and Instagram and get involved with online chats and groups and you'll soon have a great network of virtual colleagues who you can bounce ideas off. Schedule in online chats with each other too and if you live near each other, meet up!

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Organise your working week to cover all those "departments"
Being the HR, Accounting, Marketing, IT department etc sure can add an extra pressure to working for yourself. So, instead of stressing out over it, schedule in time to cover those areas. For example, Tuesday afternoon could focus on your accounts and Friday afternoon your marketing strategy. Alternatively, you could spend 1 hour a day on each different area. It's much better to chip away at those departments rather than letting them build up into a nightmare mountain of work. 

Rubbish at accounting? Get someone to help.
Just because your jewellery design business is a roaring success, doesn't mean you are naturally good at finances and filling in your tax return. Go ask for help and/or employ someone. The speed at which an expert can do that job for you, will save you a whole load of time and heartache. It will also enable you to put more time back into your business and do what you're good at doing. If you're not at that stage of paying for help, schedule time into your week to learn how to do it yourself or even go on a course and don't forget to chat with your virtual colleagues too; they might be able to answer your question quickly.

Get organised and focused.
It's so easy to procrastinate or get distracted when you work for yourself, even if you're a super organised person. Something about working from home can confuse your brain into thinking you should be putting some washing on or rearranging your CD collection or whatever. 

To keep you focused, write down your goals for the month and spread them out week by week. At the start of each day (before you get distracted and find yourself browsing Pinterest) write down how you are going to chip away at those goals. Keep it realistic and within your "office hours". Use a calendar and/or planner to keep you on track.

If you have the option of an office/studio, then keep your work in there and close the door on it at the end of your working day. You will then associate that room or space with work, the kitchen with cooking and eating, the bedroom with relaxing and sleeping, and so on. It's a good psychological trick and will help keep you focused on work.

Take your office on a coffee break
If you are going crazy staring at those same four walls, then grab your laptop and head to a comfy cafe or library to work. There are lots of lovely places where it's more than acceptable to grab a coffee while you type away on your latest project. A change of scene can really help.

Remember to stop working, rest and exercise.
It's oh so easy to keep on working until the silly hours when you run your own business but trust me, it will zap you of energy and see you drained and ineffective the next day. So, stick to your office hours and remember to stop working and go get some exercise and rest. Your brain and body will be way more efficient the next day.

Don't whatever you do look at your mobile phone late at night. Trust me, you won't sleep a wink.
This is such a tough one and I'm terrible at it. I regularly find myself "just checking" my emails and ending up falling foul of seeing an email I DID NOT WANT TO SEE at 11pm at night, resulting in a sleepless night. So people, try your hardest not to check those work emails causing you to get wound up. Instead look at them in your office hours. Also remember, if you're on social media for your business, schedule some tweets etc in advance so that you're not a complete slave to the internet and your phone.


Socialise baby, socialise!
Working on your own can be lonely, so don't forget to go see your friends and family and make plans to do lovely things!

Don't let those negative walls get in the way.
Running your own ship can be tough and sometimes you can have bad days when things just don't go to plan. The printer breaks, a client doesn't pay their invoice, a customer is rude and then you spill a cup of tea over yourself. You know those days I'm talking about it. It's like the world is out to get you. 

When this happens, put your tools down, leave your desk and go for a 20 minute walk around the block or put some music on really loud and dance the frustration away! Don't whatever you do send a shirty email back to that client or customer. It really won't get you anywhere. Take five, get calm and come back to the situation with a calm, professional head on you.

I hope you find these ideas useful! Do you work for yourself? What tricks have you learnt to make working solo a good experience? Please do share in the comments field below.