Some of my favourite illustrators

Mimispot by Marijke Buurlage

I'm a sucker for awesome illustrations and have always been a massive fan of Quentin Blake and Shaun Tan. Quentin's Life of Birds and Shaun's The Red Tree are two of my favourite  picture books.

Being partial to illustrations and picture books, I thought I'd put together a list of my other favourite illustrators to share with you all. 

These are by no means a complete list, just some of my current favourites. So, make yourself a brew, sit down and feast your eyes on these.

Marijke Buurlage
Mattias Adolfsson
Laura Callaghan
Ella Osborne 
Laura Hughes
Chuck Groenink
Mikyo Noh
Melissa Castrillon
Delphine Durand
Mouni Feddag
Paul Blow

Do you have any favourite illustrators?