What's on the jukebox, Jo?

What a week for creative geniuses taking their leave :-( Two incredible, unique and multi-talented icons who will be greatly missed.

When I was younger (and prone to putting on plays, shows and dances to anyone that would watch. My poor parents, ha ha!) I wanted to act and perform like Victoria Wood. I even did my Theatre Studies A-Level monologue exam performance in the style of Victoria!! She was such a funny, brilliant person that it's impossible to pick a favourite performance of hers because there are so many insanely funny ones to choose from. But two that always spring to mind when I think of her and which leave me in hysterics without fail are, The Pam Song and Lets Do It. So, if you're not already familiar with them (or even if you are), have a listen, a laugh and sing along.

And Prince? Where to begin? What an amazingly talented guy. Since hearing about his death, I've realised how little I truly know about him, so this weekend, I'm going to tune into Radio 6's Purple Reign - The Story of Prince to hear his story. I'm also going to pop these two classics on When doves cry and Kiss and have a think about my own creative journey and where I want to go with it next.

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