What's on the jukebox, Jo?

Wowza, what a week! On Monday I handed my notice in on my part time job. So, in less than a month I will be following my own little rainbow dream, moving to the south-west and going full time on my business. Nervous, excited and happy!

With this excited start, the rest of the week followed with business as usual and non-stop shop orders. Lots of lovely personalised handkerchief requests came in for second wedding anniversary, cotton themed gifts. I love seeing the types of orders that come in, especially when there's a clear theme to them.

Keeping me going through the week as usual has been music. I don't know how I'd cope without it! And, like my shop orders, there has been a clear, exciteable theme to the songs I've been playing on repeat. Pop them on, have a listen, have a dance and have a cheer for the weekend is here! (I'm a poet, don't you know it!) Happy Friday!

Main Hoon Jhoom Jhoom Jhumroo by Kishore Kumar
Rice Pudding by Jeff Beck
DΓΌsseldorf by Teleman
Video Babe by Alan Vega
Country Girl by Primal Scream