What's on the jukebox, Jo?


This week was the last in the #MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram challenge and boy, will I miss it! It really encouraged me to be brave and show behind the scenes of my creative world. I feel amazing for it and now feel inspired to show more, so watch this space!

As well as snapping pics to share, I've been blogging over at Simple Stylish Makes with posts on needle magnets, sewing shops in Scotland and tips on tweeting

I've also been putting together my second newsletter, which will be landing in your inbox on Sunday. If you haven't already, get signed up here because there will be a very special giveaway of a brand new design! It's a personalised one too and only available to newsletter readers, oooh!!

Shop orders have been coming in this week too and clearly wedding season is around the corner, as they have all been wedding themed! While I've been stitching away on these personalised orders, the jukebox has been spinning some tunes as usual. Top of the playlist and very much on repeat has been this eclectic bunch. Get your ears wrapped around these beauties!
Ether by Mogwai 
Such Great Heights by The Postal Service  
Pajaro Campana - Bell Bird by Francisco Yglesia
Vimbayi by The Four Brothers
Diane Young by Vampire Weekend
Atlas by Battles

Coming up on the blog tomorrow, it's the next interview in my Blog Gem series, so stay tuned and if you're feeling like exploring a city tomorrow, why not plan one and check out my tips on what to take with you!

Have a great weekend everyone!