How to move your craft room

Moving house can be stressful. Moving a craft room/studio/supplies even more so! And being of the creative variety you never throw anything away because hey, those loo rolls are going to come in handy for your next great craft project, right? Hmm, you might want to see my sort and declutter tip below ;-)

However much craft stuff you have, and as someone who is currently packing to move house, it needn't be that stressful if you're crafty about it, ha ha! So, here are my top tips on how to move your craft room with ease.

Prepare and plan

If you know the date you're moving, get your diary/planner out (you've got several, right?!) and plan what days/nights/weekends you are going to pack. Be realistic and give yourself ample time because it always takes longer than you think. Remember to also put one whole day aside for sorting and decluttering (see below).

Get supplies in

If you haven't already got them stored away, get plenty of boxes, bubble wrap, parcel tape, a pair of scissors, labels, a notebook (see below) and your favourite pen because you're going to need them. Also, buy or borrow a load of supermarket bags for life. They are amazing for shifting books and odd shaped craft tools in. They're super sturdy and because they have handles, they're really easy to carry into the van!

Sort and declutter

Before you even start packing, spend a whole day going through all your craft supplies. Do you really need ten pairs of scissors? Have you even coloured that colouring book in yet? Be honest with yourself and put a pile of stuff together that you don't want/need/are never going to use. 

When you've collected these items up, you could either donate them to a charity shop, ask your fellow crafty friends if they would like them or you could run a flash sale on Instagram if you've got tonnes of really good, unused craft stuff. See Claireabellemakes' brilliant blog post on how to organise a successful Instagram sale!

Get clever with space

Don't just chuck everything into a box, be clever by putting all those miscellaneous odds and sods into that box you plan to dรฉcoupage, iron and fold fabric and put those sewing and knitting patterns into an A4 folder. It saves on space in those boxes and makes unpacking a lot easier.

Be organised as you pack

Have your notebook, pen and labels at the ready! As you pack use those labels to number your boxes. In your notebook write down the box number and what is in it. When you've moved and you're trying to find that Modge Podge gloss, you'll know exactly which box you put it in.

Lack of time? Get an extra pair of hands

If you only have one weekend in which to realistically pack everything, then ask for help. Your family and best mates (especially those of the crafty variety!) will be more than happy to help as you can return the favour at a later date. And it needn't be completely boring! Pop some tunes on, get some biscuits in to have on your tea break and a pizza to gorge on when you've finished. You'll get it done in no time with two pairs of hands!

Happy packing!