How to get your creative mojo back

how to get your creative mojo back
You've set aside half a day to paint/draw/knit/sew/photograph/craft/create/make/bake/write....great! You're looking forward to it and you even get up extra early to start and pop your favourite stripey socks on.

You sit down at your desk/table/comfy chair with a cuppa and tools in hand, then disaster strikes. You've lost your creative mojo. Nothing, nada. Your brain is devoid of all creative ideas, thoughts and inspirations. You're devastated.

Ok, so everyone gets these moments. It's not as uncommon as you think but thankfully there are solutions to help get your creative mojo back with these ten tips.

1. Go outside and get some fresh air and exercise

You don't need to go far, even just a few laps around the block but 15 minutes of walking and fresh air will help get those endorphins going. You'll be refreshed, in a happier mood and ready to start.

2. Location

Head to a different room in the house, the garden if it's warm enough or to your local library/park/coffee shop. Sometimes looking at those familiar four walls will stifle your creativity and all you need is a fresh view.

3. Just start

A well known trick for figuring out your opening line when writing a book/letter/blog post/poem/short story is to simply start. You may end up writing a rubbish opening line but you can always go back and edit this when you've got into the flow of writing. This technique applies to every creative medium and sometimes that's enough to get your creative juices flowing.

4. Try something new

Instead of doing what you do best, why not try something completely new. For example, if you draw, why not give cooking a go or if you knit, try drawing instead. It will give your brain a bit of exercise.

5. Books, blogs and classes

On the topic of mental exercise, go and find an inspiring blog to read or even pick up those coffee book tables you have lying around and actually look at them. Alternatively, expand your creative knowledge by signing up to a class. It could even be a one day course, just enough to give you a much need creative push.

6. Rest, relaxation and regular sleep

Are you getting enough rest, relaxation and regular sleep? This is so important for numerous reasons, one of them being that it gives your body and brain time to rejuvenate. So, give yourself an hour to unwind before bed. Switch your mobile and tablet/computer off. Have a bath, get into your pjs, make a camomile tea/cocoa/milk and honey and head to bed with a good book. Do this every night at the same time and set an alarm clock to get up at a regular time too. I know it sounds a bit boring but trust me, your body will get into a much better routine of relaxation and sleep. You will sleep better and have way more energy the next day.

7. Eat well and cut out the booze

Eating healthy food and cutting down on sugar, salt. caffeine and booze will give you lots more energy. Try not to eat a massive meal or have caffeine or booze just before going to bed, otherwise you'll have a rather disrupted sleep and feel low on energy the next day.

8. Socialise

A catch up and good laugh with your friends is just the tonic to get your creative mojo back. 

9. Go somewhere new

Take a day trip to a place you've never been before to spark that imagination. It could be a trip to a local museum, a day trip to a city, a bit of rambling in the countryside or a weekend away. Whatever it is, a change of scene is good for the soul and will get those creative ideas flowing.

10. Deal with stress

If you can't concentrate because something is stressing you out, deal with it as much as you possibly can. Write down what it is that is bothering you, chat it through with family and friends and look at solutions to tackle it. Sometimes all you need to do is breath, take some time out to relax and mostly, be kind to yourself. Tackling stress is like taking a mental road block out the way, so that your creative mojo can come flooding back.

I hope this is helpful to any of you struggling to get your creative mojo back. Do you have any other ideas for getting your creative hat back on? I'd love to hear them, so please do share in the comment field below. Thanks and happy creating!