Going on an adventure: how to explore the great outdoors

explore the great outdoors

We have so many beautiful places in the United Kingdom from stunning coasts and shore lines, to magical woods and lush green fields, to trickling streams and brooks to breathtaking hills, mountains and lakes. So, in celebration of all that the UK has to offer today we're getting those walking boots on and looking at how best to explore the great outdoors starting with what to wear.

What to wear
This does depend on the weather but even on a warm day, those coasts lines and hill tops can be pretty cool, so remember to take layers with you. Other things to wear include:

Decent footwear that supports your feet and comfy socks too.
Waterproof jacket (possibly waterproof trousers too, which can easily roll up in your rucksack).
Warm jumper and several layers
Comfy trousers
Hat (I like to take a sturdy sun hat in the summer but keep a wooly hat in my rucksack just in case the weather changes).

What to take with you
Waterproof rucksack
Decent blister plasters
Any medication that you're currently taking
Fully charged mobile phone
Small digital camera
Binoculars (if you're a bit of twitcher!)
Snacks or lunch

Where to go
Well, this is completely up to you but my top tip before deciding is to check the weather forecast first. If it's looking like it's going to be a glorious sunny day, then heading to the coast would be perfect. You could even take your swimming costume and finish your walk with a dip in the sea!

Other things to consider are going somewhere you haven't been before or that place you keep saying you must visit. Well, go visit, there's no time like the present. If you're more of a mountain person, find one you haven't climbed yet. If you like a bit of everything you could start at a National Trust house and walk around the fields, hills and steams that surround it before exploring the house itself. A great website for a bit of inspiration is This Is Your Kingdom, which has loads of wonderful suggestions. 

Remember to factor in food. Are you going to take a pack lunch and a flask of tea or head to the local pub afterwards? Remember to check out some good local pubs before you go to ensure they serve food and, more importantly, are open. Some pubs are so popular you have to book a table first, so do your research.

I hope this helps get your walking boots on and exploring the outdoors. Happy adventuring!