Overlocker tips

overlocker tips

Got yourself an overlocker? Great! Here are some tips to help get you started.

1) Learn to thread your machine. It really isn't that scary and after a bit of practice you'll be threading it in your sleep. Well hopefully not but you get my drift. Remember also to use tweezers to help pull the thread through. Tweezers save a load of hassle and possible bouts of swearing, ha ha!

2) Test your tension before getting going on that sewing project. Yes, as boring as it sounds, it will save you heartache further down the line. Grab a square of the fabric you're going to be sewing with and overlock one edge. Check the tension and look carefully to see which thread is out. Sometimes you will only need to adjust one thread, not all of them. Keep testing the tension until you've got it right and then away you go!

3) Do not sew over pins. If you're going to pin, make sure the pins are a good distance from the seam line.

4) Clean your machine regularly and I don't mean a quick dust. Open up the part where you thread your machine and the outside edge too. Now get all those dust bunnies out. An overlocker builds up a lot of dust bunnies/lint, so always clean it before and after. It ensures good tension, no broken needles etc.

5) If you're having problems, remember to check the manual, which should have a trouble-shooting section. I know, yawn yawn but they're there for a reason and can really save your bacon.

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Happy sewing!