Going on an adventure: what to take with you on a day trip to the city

There are lots of essential items to consider taking with you on an adventure but they vary widely depending on the type of adventure you're going on. Today I'm going to focus on what to take with you on a day trip to a city.

Get your favourite rucksack out and pack the following:

  • Money and phone (and camera if your phone doesn't have one).
  • Wear layers, so that you're prepared should the weather change and flat, comfortable shoes.
  • Good quality plasters in case you get blisters from exploring.
  • Umbrella, especially in the UK where showers can appear as if by magic or take a waterproof jacket, with hood.
  • Sunglasses and mini bottle of suncream (check the weather forecast before you go).
  • Travel tissues (useful in case you get caught short in a public loo).
  • Any medication that you can't leave the house without.
  • A book if you're travelling by public transport or a mix cd/ipod if going by car.
  • Water, a snack and some mints. Cereal bars are good as they're easy to carry and travel well.
  • Guidebook and a map if you're guidebook doesn't have an extensive one. If not, find out where the local tourist information centre is and pick one up.
  • Tote bag in case you buy any goodies.

If you fancy planning an adventure, check out my previous post on how to begin and if you're in need of inspiration, head to my Pinterest board! Happy adventuring!

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