Valentine's Day Photography

Here are my latest photography homework snaps. 

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I decided to use the theme of love for these photos. The 'Little Grey Rabbit's Valentine' is from my Mum's book collection. She has some lovely old books, with their dust covers on still. For this shot, I decided to remove the dust cover as it was looking a little tired. I collected lots of blue bits and bobs, placing them around the book to make it the focus. I love finding and collecting photo props. Maybe it's the magpie in me :-)

With photography practice comes fresh flowers and I'm now buying them for myself on a regular basis....until the garden starts blooming again and I can pick my own. The house sure does smell incredible with all the blooms! These roses are pictured with my popular Love Heart Handkerchief.

If you fancy a look-see at more of my photography homework snaps, you can see them here and of course, there are lots more on my Instagram page!

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