Three Quick Sewing Tips

Today's sewing tips focus on pressing fabric. 

Pressing fabric is very important and is totally different to ironing fabric to simply take the creases out. Pressing fabric allows you to manipulate the fabric in a certain way, making for a better, neater finished project.

1) Test out the heat and steam setting on a scrap piece of the fabric you're going to work with. Too hot and you could damage the fabric. Finding the right heat and steam setting will save many tears later on.

2) Pick up your iron and press, applying heat and little bit of pressure. Pick you iron up again and repeat the process on a different part of the fabric until you have pressed all of it. Don't iron back and forth, with lots of pressure, as this can distort the grainline of your fabric.

3) Hams are great for pressing out curve seems and sleeve rolls for pressing sleeves!

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